Pre-Loved Luggage

Sell your RIMOWA aluminum suitcase and receive a voucher for your next travel companion, or sign up to be the first to know when RE-CRAFTED luggage becomes available.

A more sustainable approach

RE-CRAFTED gives pre-owned RIMOWA aluminum luggage a new lease on life. This circular model – which focuses on reusing, repairing, and recycling suitcases – helps build a more sustainable world.

Sustainable Approach

How it works

A RIMOWA RE-CRAFTED suitcase is just as reliable as a new one. After being refurbished by our team of experts, its quality is assured with a two-year warranty.

Refurbishment Process

Learn more about the refurbishment process

Our expert team of technicians goes through 30 points of control to thoroughly refurbish each suitcase. Suitcases that can't be repaired are dismantled, and their parts are sent to our usual recycling streams.

Sell your suitcase with RE-CRAFTED

Simply bring your RIMOWA aluminum suitcase to a selected store and receive a voucher for RIMOWA products in return.


Sell Your Suitcase

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