Exchanges and Returns


Terms of Exchange and Return for internet purchases

RIMOWA, known worldwide for offering products of the highest quality, created an exchange and return policy to fully service our customers.

Exchange Conditions:

If a product trade or exchange is needed for any RIMOWA product acquired via website, our Customer Service department should be contacted, through the following channels: Toll free Number: 0800 878 3220 or e-mail:, and the exchange should be submitted through our website.

The product must be in the original package, with no signs of use, with the tag fixed to the piece, accompanied by the invoice, warranty term and all the accessories that were delivered with the product. We do not take responsibility for any items that are sent by mistake, as well as any accessory that is not included with the product.
The product will undergo a technical analysis to verify any manufacturing defect. If it is decided that there is no defect, RIMOWA will return the product to the address given by the customer. If decided there is a defect, and protected by the warranty, it will be able to be repaired or exchanged, according to the Consumer’s Protection Act.

Finding signs of improper use or excluding causes of the warranty, RIMOWA will forgo any responsibility to exchange or repair the product.

In cases of reimbursement of the amount paid, after receiving the product, RIMOWA will forward the proper procedure to the registered e-mail.

A) Exchange and Return due to defect and damage to the product


RIMOWA adopts all the necessary care to ensure that the customer receives the product in perfect quality. If any problem is perceived at the delivery, as a crumpled package, torn, broken seal, damaged or incorrect product, refuse the delivery and immediately notify our Customer Center through e-mail: or via the toll free number 0800 878 3200.

After receiving the product, any incident should be notified, immediately, to our Customer Center through the channels mentioned above, so we can analyze the event.


For product defects, the customer will have up to 90 (ninety) days from the date of delivery, to get in contact with our Customer Center.

If the acquired product in our website show any problem after such deadline, but still covered by the RIMOWA’s warranty, the customer must get in contact with the Customer Center in regards to the incident, to be explained of the possible measures to be adopted.

After the product inspection, for reimbursement cases, the paid amount will be returned.

B) Returns due to Regret Policy

If the customer decides to return the product before delivery, the client must deny the delivery and immediately notify our Customer Center through e-mail: or via the toll free phone 0800 878 3200.

If the customer decides to return the product after delivery, the client must get in contact, within a 7 (seven) calendar days deadline, counting from the delivery date, with our Customer Center. In sequence, after a verification of the right of regret within the legal deadline, the Customer Center will inform the procedure to return the item, that will also be inspected for the following terms:

IMPORTANT - Every product must be return in the conditions below:

DEADLINE: Up to 7 (seven) calendar days, counting from the delivery date, as per the Consumer’s Protection Act art. 49;

PACKAGE: the product must be in the original packaging, with its tag fixed to the piece, with no signs of use, accompanied by the invoice, warranty term and all accessories that came with the product.

We do not take responsibility for any item sent, as well as any accessory that does not come with the product.

After the analysis of the fulfillment of the above conditions, RIMOWA will forward the procedure to the registered e-mail for reimbursement of the paid amount. The reimbursement will honor the total amount paid for the product.

If you want to exercise the right of regret, click here.

C) Return of customized products

Customized products, for its personal details defined by the customer at time of order and because it’s not on the market and will not be commercialized again, will not be able to be returned, excluding events of manufacturing  defects of the product.

Reimbursement Amounts:

Credit card charges:

After delivery, RIMOWA will request the credit card administrator brand to reimburse the amount paid. Such procedure will be fulfilled exclusively by the administrator and will happen according to the rules and procedures of the credit card company, following its dates for invoices and credit card bills.

Rimowa does not take responsibility for possible charges, done by the credit card company, after the reimbursement request.

PIX charges:            

After delivery, RIMOWA will deposit the amount in a checking account in the name of the registered customer, responsible for the order, within 20 (twenty) business days.

The reimbursement will be deposited at the full amount paid for the returned/canceled product(s).

It is the client's responsibility to inform the correct and true banking information. In the event that an error makes it impossible for the deposit to be fulfilled, RIMOWA will reserve the right to reimburse the amount in different methods or to wait for contact in the inability to fulfill the reimbursement.