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Lifetime guarantee


In-store repairs

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Hotel repairs

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Client Care

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Lifetime guarantee

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with total peace of mind, we commit to always providing care service during the whole lifespan of the suitcase, reflected through our Lifetime warranty.


RIMOWA provides a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee for new suitcases purchased from July 25, 2022 in accordance with the conditions written within our guarantee manual. For easy enjoyment of the lifetime guarantee, please register your RIMOWA suitcase online. Registering your RIMOWA is simple. Just set up a RIMOWA account, complete the online form specifying your personal data, and enter your RIMOWA suitcase's unique serial number. You will find your RIMOWA's serial number on the outside frame of your suitcase.



In-store repairs

Our global store network enables us to serve you nearly everywhere. Our aim is to find the fastest and best solution for you. Therefore we will process most of our basic repairs on the spot for you. Should an immediate repair not be possible for any reason, we will organize the shipment of your suitcase to our client care experts.


Please feel free to visit your nearest RIMOWA Store at your convenience, or you can contact us to arrange an appointment.

Hotel repairs

We offer a RIMOWA repair service at participating luxury hotels. Speak to your hotel and if they've partnered with us, we will fix your RIMOWA before your departure date.

Client Care Center

Our client care experts are delighted to solve your request in the best way possible. Being equipped with all needed tools and parts, our client care centers represent our brand values and are striving for the longevity of your RIMOWA product.


Please feel free to visit your nearest RIMOWA Store or Client Care Center at your convenience, or you can contact us to arrange an appointment.



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