Introducing the RIMOWA Heritage Room at Ginza

June 14, 2019

Introducing the RIMOWA Heritage Room at Ginza

Heritage is so much more than simply what has come before.


It’s the weather vane that points to the path ahead.


And increasingly, responsible brands are looking to the past to anchor themselves in the here and now, giving way to meaningful experiences that last as much as they live in the moment.


On the heels of RIMOWA’s 120th anniversary, we’re looking to the past more than ever before, not as a way to revert, but as a means to purposefully commit to our future.


As part of our ongoing efforts to remain in dialogue with our heritage and tradition, RIMOWA introduces the Heritage Room at Ginza, a unique exhibition space at our first flagship in Japan, RIMOWA Store Ginza 7-Chrome.


This effort marks a milestone for the brand as we continue to share our vision of where we’ve been and what is around the corner.



Comprised of a curated selection of suitcases from the RIMOWA Archive, this exhibition invites guests to explore the history of the brand, the lengthy evolution of travel trends, technology and our relentless commitment to functional luxury.


Integral to the Heritage Room at Ginza is our ability to facilitate dialogue between tradition and contemporary culture.

We invite local, cultural stakeholders to explore topics beyond the borders of our own history, underscoring the areas in which there is both overlap and differentiation.


As part of the Heritage Room’s inaugural exhibition, Japanese magazine HIDDEN CHAMPION was invited to curate an exhibition alongside the RIMOWA Archive around the theme of travel.


Included in the exhibition are works created using RIMOWA products by two distinct artists Colliu and USUGROW, who incorporate both nostalgic three-dimensional pieces and graphic, stylized calligraphy that surpasses all language barriers, seemingly creating its own unique symbology.