Digitalization of the travel industry
Panel with RIMOWA Electronic Tag, Lufthansa, T-Systems and Materna

On Friday, 16th September 2016, four companies met to discuss the issue of “seamless travel through digitalisation”. RIMOWA invited guests from all over the world to Dübendorf, Switzerland, for the panel with Lufthansa, T-Systems, Materna and RIMOWA Electronic Tag.

Sven Lepschy, Vice President of RIMOWA Electronic Tag, opened the discussions, which were moderated by pilot Amelia Rose Earhart, “The launch of the RIMOWA Electronic Tag was a resounding success. Feedback has shown that customers love the control and time saved. The system marks the beginning of the digital revolution.” It has proven very simple and intuitive to operate, as expected, so digital check-in is particularly attractive for the target group. At the end of the year, new, interesting features will be added to the app. The case display can then be customised with features such as initials and a favourite image. These customisations are stored and always visible, except when the luggage is checked in.

Edgar Ziller, Head of Solutions Center Airport Management at T-Systems, explained how the secure the system is, “With its comprehensive security architecture, this system is the most secure and reliable smart luggage solution in the world. In addition to modern data encryption, the suitcase display module responds exclusively to the owner’s smartphone. This ensures that external access from third parties is virtually impossible.” The permanently encrypted connection between the suitcase and the smartphone is based on the concept of pairing. The suitcase display provides a code which is then entered on the smartphone. This pairing process ensures that only the owner is able to access the suitcase.

Shortly afterwards, Reinhard Augustin, Sales Director IPS at Materna, took the guests through the company’s vision of the future based around automatic bag drop machines, “While self-service bag drop systems have been in place at many airports for a number of years, making travel easier for passengers and offering them greater flexibility, we are now witnessing further simplification of airport processes for passengers through the development of the Electronic Tag, and a new generation of premium services.” Ideally, there will be “all-inclusive” bag drop machines in the future, which will be able to take charge of the entire check-in process and also account for biometric features.

Finally, Dr Björn Becker, Senior Director Product Management Ground & Digital Services at Lufthansa, drew positive conclusions about the joint project, “RIMOWA Electronic Tag is a key factor in the digitalisation of Lufthansa luggage services. To date, no other provider can offer a comparable global product.” Furthermore, he announced that Lufthansa passengers can now also use their RIMOWA Electronic Tag suitcases on Lufthansa flights operated by United Airlines or Austrian Airlines. This is one of the first steps in expanding the potential applications within the extensive network of the Lufthansa Group and its partner airlines in the Star Alliance.

Since the system was launched in March 2016, Lufthansa passengers have completed 800 flights with RIMOWA Electronic Tag. In addition, 5,000 customers have registered with the RIMOWA app to date. Based on the seamless integration into what are often complex airport routines, as well as the positive feedback from customers, the new technology is of great interest to further airlines. Discussions are currently being held with 30 interested airlines and further confirmed cooperation partners will be announced over the coming weeks. For all the latest information, as well as a recording of the panel meeting, visit